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Little That I Care

Little That I Care…

In this depth of  sorrow…
Little I care what path I take,
What decision I make,
With my this heart-break,
Out of this house,
Somewhere I must go.

In this depth of sorrow…
Little I know what is in my heart.
Have no desire left now,
To give it a fresh start.
No one worries for me so,
Little I care where my feet go.

Walking day and night…
I wish I reach a place bright.
Far from everyone’s sight,
Where there is no fear not slight.
No rut of a road, no race,
I see no roof of house and no eyes that stare.

In this depth of sorrow…
I may walk to dump or dock.
Sitting cold as an ice,
With new companion the silent rock.
Little that I would care,
Huddled dead in a ditch somewhere…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag