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I Love Her And I Love You Too…

Oh Mother! a very special mother,
You are the greatest, that I have known,
I think God made my mother like He’d make His own.
So beautiful shinning in the stars,
You look more beautiful than you were.
You are so special and so I am,
Blessed with a mother on earth and one in heaven.
She loves me and does all that she can,
She grooms me to be a handsome man.
Your heavenly blessings I get day and night,
But the mother on earth loves me with fights.
I chat with you in cold lonely nights,
But my mother on earth chat with me heart to heart…
Good times or bad times she is there for it all.
She tells me to keep heads up and always stand tall.
She praises me , encourages me too,
Nothing on this earth that she would not do.
She look like you and in her I see you.
Looks like she knows you too.
She does all like the way you would do.
I see you shinning above and in her I feel your love,
All I can say I love her and I love you too…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag