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What Is Life

What is Life?

What is Life?
Just mere countdown of numbers,
Till the soul is dead to slumber.
What is Life?
Simply a short dream,
Things don’t look like
The way they seem.
For me Life is Real…
The grave is not its goal.
All that we learn and earn,
Will all go to dust,

Very unfair to the soul!
All our happiness and sorrows,
Our today and tomorrows,
Are destined to end that way,
As we keep going farther than today.
Time is moving and fleeting,
But our heart strong and brave,
Is beating like drums,
While marching towards our grave.
Do not trust your future,
Just live in present.
Let your past bury its dead.
Just live your heart within,
And God over your head.
All the people departed before us,
Left their footprints of time,
Teaching us to make our life sublime.
So let us just keep going,
Be happy and keep doing,
With our heart for any fate.
Let us be strong, patient and wait..
© 2012 Pimmi Nag