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The Big Baniyan Tree…

From the little seed I grow
Nurtured with love and care
I hear the laughter, the joy of future
They play and caress me with love and care
They are enjoying my presence and enjoying my shade…
I wish… I give them my warm love and wipe their tears
I see them enjoying my company
Day after day…
Standing their I see the growing
Strong as me and bold as me
Now they have power to see…
The world so clear
Standing here I’m sharing their thoughts for the future
The plan to walk away from me finally
All so sure that they can handle their future with care.
They move further, but I’m standing here
Wishing they might come back to wipe my tears
Nothing now I can offer
Than their beautiful innocent memories
And to add some more pictures in their galleries…
I know you are there somewhere
Because you know I’m here
I gave you my love
But now it’s your turn to wipe my tears…
I’m more lonely now
I miss as you are now not here
To share my sorrows and my tears…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag