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Only One Mother…

There are thousands of stars in the sky,
But only one mother to dry your eyes.
There are gardens full of fragrant flowers,
But your mother, the only flower to hold forever.
The sky could be full of birds singing,
But only mother’s words help build your thinking.
There could be rainy days and stormy weather,
But only one mother keeps us warm and safe like a treasure.
God blessed us with mornings and dew drops to greet dawn,
But only mother makes us strong and helps to move on.
We can make lots of friends and people to tell apart.
But only one mother to give us her soul and her heart.
Friends can come around and promising us not to part,
But only one mother lives and walks with us till she parts.
People might use you at times for your goodness,
And breaking your heart, shattering your dreams,
But only one mother will shower her blessings,
Even when ending her journey and when she leaves…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag