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Life Is At StakeLife is at Stake…

Walking by the waters when the wind was loud…
I hear our voices lighting all over the land,
We clench up our fists on the sweat of our hands.
Due to noise of pouring concrete and tearing trees.
Very soon there will be no more grass to walk on.
The waters will be filled with leakage of crude oil,
Factories pumping iron in yellow fumes,
And the airlines emitting poisonous gases from fuels.
Modified food that we eat is a slow awful doom,
Do all these things we really have to consume?
There is this awareness we have to raise around you,
Each one can be responsible a bit what he should do.
Let us pledge we do what ever little we can
As our life is at stake and is destruction of man…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag