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Moment Of Silence and You…

The silence creeps in my room,
As I lay and wonder under my covers.
I stare in my dark room,
All I hear is my deep breath.
I ask myself to sleep, but
The time slowly tick by,
Taking over my frustrations,
Adding to sleeplessness…
I am so tired waiting and wanting.
Nothing in the world can lower my anxiety.
Playing with the remote I put on TV and shut off,
Then pick up a book to see if it can change my thought.
Exhausted I cuddled with my pillow,
I sink my face in it and smelled you,
The fragrance of your perfume,
Intoxicated me, I heard your whisper,
In the cool breeze coming through my window,
It soon put me to deep sleep some how…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag